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Working environment

Violations/special treatments

All staff at Hotell Södra Berget must feel comfortable and not feel uncomfortable or be offended in any way. This of course also applies between the staff within the hotel. We have all the support and backup from Patrik and Niclas regarding our actions and how we act.

All incidents that make you feel offended or that it feels uncomfortable, can be e.g. some rude comment etc., then we have every right to confront the guest regardless of which department we work in. If you do not feel comfortable with this, you can contact Patrik or Niclas via email or phone, it is good if you know the name of the guest or which group he belongs to.

We have every right to cancel and reject our guests. 

Work adaptation against injuries, illnesses, ill-health or other similar things. 

- Who do I turn to? 

Answer: You contact your nearest site manager or, if you prefer, you can also talk to the hotel manager or CEO.

It is also possible to contact our regional protection representative Anders Fredriksen, tel. 026-4206615 alt

- Important to know is that we have confidentiality and what you entrust to say to the nearest manager/hotel manager/CEO we will not pass on if you do not wish this.

- What should recipients do? What happens to the information?

Answer: Recipients must convene a meeting with the person concerned, in order to be able to plan an action plan together. The information is confidential and we therefore do not write anything down. We follow up with personal conversations, a follow-up is done again within two weeks.

Actions are then taken, such as redundancies, relocation, personal conversations. 

- This information is made available to all staff via our work environment folder and our digital staff handbook. 

- Work environment issues are raised/discussed as a standing point every Thursday with a manager present from each department in the hotel.

- Work environment issues are raised/discussed as a standing point during each departmental meeting with the staff, which takes place at least once a month. 

- Regional protection representative is: Anders Fredriksen, tel. 026-4206615 alt

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