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Employee benefits

Accommodation for employees at Hotell Södra Berget. (Does not apply to Strike Club)
We can always offer our rest room freely on floor 3, the room has room for 2 people.
If we have room at low occupancy, you can ask if it is okay to get a standard room on the 2nd floor.

Always pick up after yourself and remove the bedding from the bed. Respect your colleagues who will then clean the room.

This only applies if you have to work early or late.

Otherwise, if you wish to stay over, the staff price applies: SEK 500 for two people including breakfast.


This must always go through your immediate manager. 


Staff prices / benefits / Wellness  

As an employee, you also have the privilege of, subject to availability, booking the family into the hotel for only SEK 500/room and night incl. breakfast, this applies to standard double rooms only. Also applies to our sister hotels in Sollefteå, Östersund, Lycksele, Wilhelmina, Grisslehamn. Our sister hotels have the same deal with us. 

When booking, contact Patrik or Niclas 

When you visit the business as a guest in your spare time with the respective or immediate family, you have a 50% discount on food (no alcohol) as agreed with the restaurant manager/Master of the Court.

50% discount on products facing north in Spa. Does not apply to Rituals. 
Free entry to Vida Spa. (must be booked before arrival)
30% on all treatments. (in case of low occupancy, e.g. Tues-Thurs) 
25 min massage SEK 200 (in case of low occupancy, e.g. Tues-Thurs) 
50% at Strike Club Applies to food & activities. No drink 
20% at Backmarks in Gärdet (industrial area) 
50% on Curatäcke, discount code SODRASVALL50 
Free access to the hotel gym 


All staff prices are valid for oneself and one other person (max. 2 people) or as one's own family (living at home). 
The requirement is that you work regularly extra, for example. Every other weekend on the schedule or at least 300 hours/year. 

If you have family or friends, you can book all packages/accommodation with a 25% discount on our website.  They should then state a booking code. As the code changes at regular intervals, you will receive it from the person in charge of your department. 

Offer on vehicle insurance - Applies to employees at Hotell Södra Berget. (Not Strike Club)

We offer in collaboration with Söderberg & Partners a really good discount on vehicle insurance for you who are employed by us.

Visit this link to see how good a deal you can get

This discount also applies to everyone who is registered at the same address as you.

Staff trip - EXTRA benefit for you who are permanently employed! 

We try at least once a year to go on a pleasant staff trip with all permanent employees.
The trip is voluntary and you choose for yourself whether you want to participate or not.
If you would rather stay at home and work according to your schedule, you can of course do that. If you participate in the trip, then you have paid according to your schedule.

Ex: The trip is from Wednesday to Saturday and according to your schedule you must work Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. You will then be paid for Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Thursday is unpaid.

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