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Fire & Security

Gathering place in case of fire - The welcome sign at the car park


In the event of a fire, the following basic rule is:

- Extinguish the fire yourself if possible (e.g. in a small trash can)

- If you can't put out the fire yourself - SET THE ALARM

- Press the nearest alarm button exposed on the walls of the hotel. (Red button)

- Vacate the premises at a calm and composed pace. Bring the guests and colleagues to the collection point.

- In the event of an alarm, at least one member of staff from each department must contact reception for location status

On your way out:

- Talk to the reception staff about how you can help, eg answer the phone and direct guests correctly.

- If you do not get in touch with the reception staff, calmly direct the guests out to the collection point. 

As for the reception

- If the alarm has already been sent to the emergency services (red diode lights up) and you know 100% that it is a false alarm. Call 112 and ask to speak to the emergency services. Report it as a false alarm.

- The hotel is divided into 3 different zones, so the sirens do not sound throughout the hotel unless the fire button has been pressed. 

- The reception puts on the reflective vests which are in the "fire box" at the reception.

- In the event of a sharp alarm, guests should go out as soon as possible to our large sign/welcome sign at the parking lot to await further instructions from the emergency services. 

- We will not leave our workplace until we know that all the guests have left. 

- The reception has the main responsibility, which means that they have direct contact with the emergency services. 



First aid

- A defibrillator is located in the hotel reception.

- A first-aid kit with plasters, compresses, alvedon is available at the hotel reception.



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