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Congratulations on your apl place with us at Södra Berget!

You will now have the opportunity to gain an insight into working life and the profession within hotels and restaurants.

It is important that the points below are followed carefully.

- Work clothes as agreed with the supervisor at Södra Berget. Important with comfortable work shoes, eg black gym shoes

- You must always follow your supervisor's working hours, there may be evenings and weekends, i.e. irregular working hours. Lunch and coffee breaks are controlled based on the directives of your supervisor

- You must sign in when you arrive and sign out when you leave via our personnel system "personnel kollen"

Your tutor will show you how it works. If you do not stamp when you start your internship, you may risk a fine if we receive a check from the tax authority.

The attendance report will be sent to your school.

- Absence reporting/sickness reports are made to your supervisor but also to your teacher at school on the same day.

- Remember that it is important to be on time, participate in the work to be done. You will receive a pass or fail grade for your implementation of the app. The internship is an important part of the education and constitutes an important factor for your future working life. 

- If questions arise during the APL period, you should talk to your supervisor at Södra Berget and/or your teacher at the school.

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