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Södra Berget Bike Arena

On Södra Berget, about 240 meters above sea level, is the Södra Berget Bike Arena. Here you cycle in the mighty Norrland forest environment with a magnificent view of the entire stone town at the foot of the mountain. It's you, your bike and kilometers of playful cycling. Here you can choose between green, blue, red or black cycle paths, with varying degrees of difficulty. The trails are built in harmony with nature and have elements of wooden bridges and jumps that give both a thrill and pulse during the journey down.

Can you rent a bike at the hotel?

No, you can't. We only want to do what we are really good at. Hand on heart, we're not that good at bikes.

Can I park my bike inside the hotel?

Yes! We have prepared a bicycle parking lot in the car garage. There is gate code to get in there, so it's safe. There are also bike racks there so you can lock your bike.

There is also the possibility to wash your bike, but we ask you towash the bike outside the garage and then bring in the bike.

If you need tools to fix the bike, let the reception know and you can borrow it free of charge.

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