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  • We meet the requirements as an eco-labelled spa, conference and entertainment hotel.

  • The employees are informed about the company's environmental policy, environmental goals and action plan.

  • We have good order for chemical handling and use 90% eco-labelled or chemical-free cleaning agents.

  • We have installed sparingly flushing shower and sink nozzles.

  • We quickly fix dripping faucets and running toilets.

  • We have an environmentally friendly refill system for soap.

  • Avoids portion and single-use packaging as much as possible and prefers large packaging and returnable glasses.

  • As we change products/machines, we strive for energy-efficient and eco-labelled products/machines.

  • We switch to low-energy light bulbs/LED everywhere we renovate for the future.

  • Over the past 3 years, the hotel has been equipped with 18 boreholes to extract geothermal heat as an alternative heat source.

  • Source sorting takes place in 16 stations at the hotel.

  • We bake our own bread to some extent.

  • We cook all our food from scratch without additives.

  • We use environmentally-classified disposable materials, office, paper and conference products as much as possible.

  • We work with as many local suppliers as possible when it comes to food and drink in order to, among other things, a reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

  • The laundry we work with is ISO-certified and, as far as possible, we choose environmentally certified suppliers.

  • We employ local contractors.

  • We should be able to present an alternative to driving to a conference or staying with us at Hotell Södra Berget.

  • All ventilation systems are timer controlled.

  • We have adjustable thermostats in all rooms.

  • We serve Fairtrade coffee in our restaurants.

  • The fish we serve is greenlisted according to WWF guidelines.

  • We are proud of our fine water, which has been ranked in the top 10 of Europe's Best Water for several years in a row. We avoid serving bottled water as much as possible.




At Hotell Södra Berget you will find the best conference facilities, the best accommodation, the best artists and the best restaurants.

We have brought out the best of conference and recreation and spiced it up with loads of fun. Everything to be able to deliver you the very best.

It's the least we can do.


Of course, we would like you to visit us and Sundsvall and choose us for your next holiday or conference.

We warmly welcome you to your own Hotell Södra Berget och Sundsvall!

The entire city is prepared to provide every imaginable service - just for you.

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