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Bring sesame & teriyaki, fried noodles, soy mayonnaise

Vegetarian: Hasselback beetroot, hazelnut, chèvre and honey cream



Poached haddock, browned butter, hand-peeled prawns, grated horseradish

Vegetarian: Cannelloni with ricotta, butternut squash and chili-roasted pumpkin seeds



Jerps with feta cheese, zucchini, roasted parmesan potatoes, marinara sauce

Vegetarian: Jackfruit tempura, orange poached fennel, anise, jasmine rice



Grilled chicken - coconut, lime leaves, green curry, lemongrass

Vegetarian: Lentil & tamarind patties, chickpeas, Pak Choy, sweetchiliaioli



Pork cutlet, wild mushroom duxelle, roasted pine nuts, red wine sauce

Tandoori Naan, leek, soybeans and pickled red onion, yogurt dressing


 Table water, coffee & salad included.

Served Monday to Friday between 11:30 and 14:00

Lunch: SEK 160 per person

Business lunch

SEK 215 per person

Appetizer, main course, coffee & cake

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