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We offer everything from the small conference

to the great congress

Our exhibition hall is 240 meters above sea level. With 2400 square meters of floor space and 6 meters in ceiling height, we can proudly present a complete solution for the big congress or the big fair. Six meters in ceiling height on the lower level and three meters on the upper level create space, air, light and a completely transformable surface. Here you can have a trade fair, car show, machine exhibition, stands, shows, concerts, fashion shows or arrange the big party for 1100 dinner guests at the same time. We offer a variety of conference rooms adapted for your particular conference or meeting.


As the icing on the cake, almost all conference rooms have a mile-long view of the  Sundsvall and the sea.


Do you choose one of our conference package always included lunch buffet and if you stay overnight, our spa and our activities a popular extra spice to life with us.



Vvery welcome



Meetings and conferences at Södra Berget offer all this and much more....



different meeting rooms.

We offer nice meeting rooms with an absolutely crazy view.

Plenty of good and helpful technology is of course available.

The galaxy is our largest, it holds 1100 people.


Would you like to see pictures of our premises, as well as what capacity they can offer?




 från 452kr/person 

(Angivet pris är ex. moms)



✓ Konferensservice vardagar 07.30 - 16.00


✓ Konferenslokal inkl, fritt Wifi, block, pennor,

whiteboard och projektor(HDMI), frukt och godis.


✓ Fikabuffé


✓ Lunch


✓ Eftermiddagskaffe


✓ Fri parkering

Paketpriset gäller för grupper om minst 15 personer


We offer day conferences for both small and large meetings. Here you and your colleagues will find the inspiration and peace of mind you are looking for.

day conference.png


 från 1740kr/person 

Del i dubbelrum (Angivet pris är ex. moms)



✓ Konferensservice vardagar 07.30 - 16.00


✓ Konferenslokal inkl, fritt Wifi, block, pennor,

whiteboard och projektor(HDMI), frukt och godis.



✓ Lunch


✓ Eftermiddagsfika


✓ Fri parkering

✓ Logi

✓ Tvårätters middag


✓ Frukostbuffé

✓ Lunch


Paketpriset gäller för grupper om minst 15 personer

A popular arrangement that provides space for creative work and valued quality time for the participants.

two-day conference.png


The road to better meetings goes through the stomach,or almost anyway...

Below you can see our menus for your conference guests, where our chefs have carefully selected suitable menus for energizing meetings.


Find here


Södra Stadsberget 1, Sundsvall



Gävle: 2h 30min

Stockholm: 3h 45 min

Umeå: 3h 30min

Uppsala: 3h 20min

Örnsköldsvik: 2h 20 min

Östersund: 2h 30min



Gävle: 2h 30min

Stockholm: 4hours 10 min

Umeå: 3h 20min

Uppsala: 3h 30min

Örnsköldsvik: 2h 10 min

Östersund: 2h 30min

Hitta hit

Build a stronger team with great activities

Team activities are essential for 

group dynamics and cooperation, creates an environment that promotes understanding of each other's strengths. 


When participants leave the conference, they have not only acquired new knowledge but also strengthened their relationships. The team activities provide an inspiring environment, where the participants are ready to apply their insights in the workplace. 


The conference becomes a place for learning and building strong, collaborative teams.

Kontakt & Offert

Let's have a chat and find it there

the perfect solution for you!

For us, it's about satisfying your needs as much as possible. 
The sky is the limit? Well, we can do even better!

Get in touch with us and we will help you
tailor your conference.

See ya!
/Matilda & Ulrika


Ulrika Lundin

Conference & group booking

060 - 67 10 19


Matilda Englund

Conference & groupreservation

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