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Hotel & Accommodation


Södra Berget, Sundsvall

Up there at the top, 240 meters above sea level, you see Hotell Södra Berget. In 1985, a hotel was built there, which today is so much more than just a hotel. Today, when you book an overnight stay, it is not just a hotel night that is booked. You book an entire experience that you will want to relive again and again.

You have a view that almost takes your breath away. You have two restaurants to choose from that will satisfy all your senses. You have the opportunity to visit a world-class SPA. 

Our ambition with Södra Berget is to give you that extra bit of everything. That extra nice pillow. That extra good food. That extra cozy moment.

Package offers for those who find it difficult to decide

Having trouble deciding? In that case, we suggest that you choose from our advantageous packages. We offer you an absolutely complete experience that you will never forget. In the packages that we arrange entirely ourselves, we only work with professionals and facilities that are truly specialists in that type of experience.

Note, children/young people under the age of 18 may not stay at the hotel by themselves, unless someone in the party is 18+.

Questions & Response

What is included in a spa package? Is there parking? What times apply for in- & check out?

Here we have compiled answers to the most common questions so that you will receive answers as quickly as possible.

Our room

Wake up with a mile-wide view of Stenstaden Sundsvall

The hotel rooms, which are equipped with coffee/tea maker, hairdryer, 32″ TV, super nice beds, LED lighting, minibar etc. make your stay with us as comfortable as possible. Match your hotel room with the experience you're looking for, whether it's a relaxing weekend or an efficient business trip.

Twin room

Enjoy our lovely double rooms with separate beds.

• 2 people  • 90 cm bed x 2  • Breakfast included 

• 18 sqm  • TV  • Shower  • Telephone • Minibar 

• Free Wi-Fi  • Hairdryer • Products from Rituals 


Enjoy our lovely double rooms.

There are also double rooms with two single beds

• 2 people  • 180 cm bed  • Breakfast included  

• 18 sqm  • TV  • Shower  • Telephone • Minibar 

• Free Wi-Fi  • Hairdryer • Products from Rituals 

Hundred rooms

Of course, we offer rooms for our four-legged friends.

Pets are warmly welcome to spend their time in the room or in our lobby, but not allowed in our restaurants, bars and spa & relax.

• Dog bed • Food bowl • 2 people  •180 cm bed  

• Breakfast included  • 18 sqm  • TV  • Shower  • Telephone  

• Minibar • Free Wi-Fi  • Hair dryer •Products from Rituals 

Family room

Family room or Superior Twin as we call them.

Completely newly built and super fresh.

Double double beds. Absolutely perfect for the family.

• 2-4 people  • 160 cm bed, 2 pcs  • Breakfast included  

• 34 sqm  • TV  • Shower  • Telephone  • Minibar

• Free Wi-Fi  • Hair dryer •Products from Rituals 


Our brand new rooms that were built in 2020.

Super fresh superior rooms with an absolutely fantastic view.

2-3 people  •180 cm bed  • Breakfast included  • 34 sqm  • TV  • Shower  • Free Wi-Fi  • Hairdryer • Minibar 

• Products from Rituals

Studio Suite

Large suite of 120 sqm, 1 bedroom with double bed, 1 bedroom with two single beds, living room with sofa, TV and dining table, bathtub, shower, wc, minibar, ice machine, coffee machine, iron, ironing board. 

Cooking is not allowed in the Studio Suite

Can only be booked online.

• 2-4 people  • 180 cm bed, 90 cm bed 2 pcs • Breakfast included  • 120 sqm  • Kitchen • Dining table with 12 chairs • TV  • Shower  • Telephone  • Minibar

• Free Wi-Fi  • Hair dryer •Products from Rituals 


• 2-4 people  • 180 cm bed  • Breakfast included  

• 50 sqm  • Minibar  • Sauna  • TV  • Shower  

• Free Wi-Fi  • Coffee machine  • Exclusive skin & hair care products from Kerstin Florian are available in the hotel room 

Room service

Enhance your stay with an even nicer welcome!

Order one of our lovely trays or why not surprise with a bouquet of flowers for the one you like the most.

Pre-ordered room service charges are available in your room from 4:00 p.m.

(Must be pre-ordered at least 24 hours before arrival.)

Contact us for more information.


South Club -Gym & Fitness

Of course, we offer training and a gym. Not just any gym, but without saying too much, it could be one of Sweden's best prospects for a gym.

Here you will find everything you need to give your body a good run.

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